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Harry Potter Art Journal: Mischief Managed

I love Harry Potter. I grew up with Harry Potter. I remember reading the first books in middle school. I remember crying when my favorite characters died. The last book came out on my 1st wedding anniversary and my husband and friend had to pry it from my hands. I have a tradition of rereading the whole series every summer. This summer I have read the series 3 times.

Recently I visited the NEW Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood, California with my mom and she bought me this cute little journal. I was inspired by our trip and decided that I wanted to create a Harry Potter themed Art Journal.

This is a fun little personal project. A little geekery. A place to explore and experiment with different art techniques and inspiration.

The Process

My first design was inspired by The Marauder’s Map. The map given to Harry by Fred and George Weasley, that we later find out was created by Harry's father and his friends when they attended Hogwarts.

I took a class on Crafsty called Simply Stunning Art Journals to help inspire me.

The background is tissue paper that I then painted gold and added brown accents to the border. Next I used a bronze colored pencil to add some map details. Finally I added the words and footprints in gold. It reads "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" & "Mischief Managed".

Mischief Managed

Harry Potter Art Journal

7 x 10

mixed media: tissue paper, colored pencil, acrylic, gold

I would love to hear:

If you were gifted the Marauders Map what would you do first? Please share in the comments.


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