Melinda Grace


As a child, Melinda explored painting, drawing, writing, fashion illustration, poetry, screenwriting, acting, dancing, playing various instruments and other creative pursuits. 


Growing up in Southern California and being surrounded by Hollywood encouraged Melinda to explore all available creative outlets.  It was in her first high school art class when she decided she wanted to make creating art her life’s work.


After high school she moved to South Georgia and attended Valdosta State University where she majored in Art Education. 

While living in Georgia, Melinda experienced the beauties of the South- Spanish moss, Southern Architecture, hushpuppies, swamps, thunderstorms, and fireflies. 

After 2 years in Georgia, Melinda packed up and moved to Terceira, Azores, Portugal. 

While living in Portugal, Melinda began attending Academy of Art University and she received her first art commissions.  


The Azores was full of new in inspiring experiences- learning Portuguese, eating the local food, and learning to live in a foreign country. 

Melinda also had the opportunity to travel extensively- mainland Portugal, Luxemburg, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, and Greece. 


Each of these countries influenced Melinda in new and unique ways. 

In Germany Melinda admired the countryside and old world architecture.  

In England she enjoyed the art scene, the National Gallery, Tate Modern, and British Museum. 

In Greece she visited the Ancient city of Knossos and walked where the Minoans walked. 

Unfortunately her time in Portugal came to an end and she returned to Southern California. 


Melinda’s art is influenced by all of her life experiences. 

She works in mixed media and enjoys the process of creating her art as much as the final product. 

Mixed Media gives her the ability to explore multiple areas of art without being tied down.


Melinda has shown her work at Studio Channel Islands in Camarillo CA and has been commissioned many times most notably by the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District and the 344th Air Force Detachment. 


Melinda graduated with her BFA from Academy of Art University May 2012. She currently resides in Okinawa, Japan.