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Need more creativity in your life?

Unlock your inner artist with a fun Paint Party!

I will walk you through the painting process, step by step, and when you are done you will be the owner of a beautiful work of art that YOU created! 

Today was a blast hanging out with the Women of Aviano! A huge shoutout to Teléios Event + Travel Planning, Melanie Alin Sherrod SweetmacsbyK, and Melinda for bringing my Posh Paint Picnic vision to life. It was amazing!

-Ira J.

We had such a great time tonight! Melinda was super nice and very patient with us. I highly recommend her if anyone here at Aviano wants to give paint night a try. Thanks everyone who came we loved having you over!

-Nicole T.

What is a Paint Party?

A Paint Party is a fun way to celebrate.

I provide the instruction and the supplies,

you provide the place and the people. 

We can paint:

  • watercolors on paper

  • acrylic paints on canvas

  • or multi surface paints on glass

You pick the design and we all paint the same painting together. 

Web Class 004.png

How to Host
a Paint Party

How much is a Paint Party? 

Where is the best location? 

How do I pay? 

What are my options?

How many people can I invite? 

Download the “How To Host A Paint Party Guide” for everything you need to know.

Melinda is wonderful. We booked her for my daughter and sons 10th and 7th birthday party! The kids had a great time. Their attention was kept the whole time! She was amazing showing and helping them paint! Everyone went home happy with a colorful cat or dog canvas. 

-Jennifer D.



Contact us to learn more about hosting your own Paint Party!

Thank you!

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