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Harry Potter Art Journal: Butterbeer

Yummmmm, butterbeer! Butterbeer was one of the things I was most looking forward to trying at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWoHP). And it did not disappoint.

I read lots of different reviews about the kinds of butterbeer and the best one to try. The day we visited WWoHP it was HOT so I chose the frozen version and boy was it yummy! I also tried the pumpkin fizz which tasted like Thanksgiving in a glass.

I have tried making homemade butterbeer without success. Homemade butterscotch + vanilla gelato + cream soda has been the yummiest, but not the same. I will keep trying, or maybe take a trip to Osaka to visit the WWoHP in Japan just to enjoy another yummy butterbeer!

This piece was inspired by the deliciousness that is butterbeer.

The Process

I hate wasting paint. My husband is no longer surprised when he opens the fridge and there is a palette taking up the top shelf! The background for this spread is leftover paint from the Mischief Managed piece. I added brown marker around the edges to darken them a bit.

I had some old off white envelopes laying around so I used 2 of those to cut out the beer glass shapes. I then cut out the liquid shape from some orange paper. When that was dry I came in with my acrylic paint and started making the butterbeer. I darkened the edges for depth, added highlights, and gold bubbles. I had some left over tissue paper from the background of the Mischief Managed piece and I thought it would make perfect butterbeer foam.

Next up was the letters. I painted each one gold, and painted the edges brown. I played around with different ways to arrange the letters so they all would fit on the spread. When I was happy with the layout I glued them down but it felt like it was missing something. I used a bit of string to “tie” the letters together. And then it was done.


Harry Potter Art Journal

7 x 10

mixed media: tissue paper, acrylic, gold, wood letters, string, marker


If you could try one Harry Potter beverage which would it be? Butterbeer (hot, cold or frozen)? Firewisky? Gillywater? Pumpkin Juice? Polyjuice Potion? Tell me in the comments!


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