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2015: Renew, Revamp, Redesign

Website: A new year a new look! I decided it was time to redo my website to reflect where I am currently artistically. It's cleaner, simpler, and the focus is on the art.

The homepage now features a gallery showcasing a few of my favorite works. I've also redesigned the header to better reflect what heartmelinda is. The biggest change (besides the new color scheme) is to Bodies of Work. The galleries have all been updated from one page of simple slideshows to each collection having their own interactive gallery. This is a more complete way to showcase my art. As I was building this section and using the previous page as reference I was going crazy with how difficult it was to navigate. I hope you find the new set up more pleasant. Blog: In 2015 I hope to blog more! Sign up for my monthly newsletter to receive updates about new blog posts. I promise never to spam you or sell your information. New studio: We are in the planning stages of finishing our basement so I can have a private studio. I was looking at renting a studio space in town but after figuring out the cost decided it would be money better spent to create a space in our home.


I am so excited about having my own space. Currently we have an open shared office space where it is nearly impossible to get any work done and I have little to no storage for all if my supplies. Crossing my fingers that we can have it done by my birthday! E-book: I've had an idea floating around in my head for sometime about creating a free Ebook. Hopefully in the next 6 months I can get things together to have something exciting to release. Time Lapse: As I have time to create in the new year I look forward to creating time lapse videos to give you a little insight into my process as I paint & explore.

Heres to an amazing 2015! Cheers!

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