Homeschool: Summer School 2019

As I said in a previous post we are homeschooling. We have been homeschooling since September 2018 but we are ready to try something different so we are adjusting our homeschool for summer.

We choose to school year round as it adds routine to our days and allows us to take breaks throughout the year as needed. I have been reading The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart and she says it really well: “classical education in the fall, unit studies in the winter, and unschooling in the spring." For us, it was more classical schooling in the fall, unschooling in the winter (I had a baby), and unit studies in the spring/ summer.

We have been using the Blossom and Root Kindergarten curriculum and really enjoy it. We have completed 22/36 weeks and will complete the rest of Kindergarten in the fall. We move in January and will begin 1st grade after we get settled. We are doing Summer School with Book Seed unit studies from Blossom & Root.

The Book Seeds are 2 week long unit studies. Each unit study is based on a book. They include:

Read Alouds

4 STEAM activities

Copywork - Wonder Words

Kitchen Classroom

Nature Notebook

Art Projects

We are adding:

Math - Kinder Math Book by Math Made Easy

GROW- Growth Mindset Printables from Big Life Journal

Poetry Tea Time from The Brave Writer

Daily Positive Affirmations - Magic Words

This is what our 2 week routine and check list looks like.

This goes on the fridge so we all can read it and know what the day holds. The checklist helps up keep track of what we have completed. We leave space in the routine to catch up where we need to and we don’t need to complete every project.

We are super flexible. For our first two weeks of summer school we have done the STEAM projects out of order as well as doing Tea Time and Nature Lore everyday. To some extent I follow Bug’s lead.

We do the majority of our homeschool work in the morning after breakfast. We spend 1-2 hours getting it done. Ideally Tiny naps and I get one on one time with Bug but that isn’t always the case. At 5 months old, Tiny is still pretty portable so she often joins us too.

We have 2 days a week scheduled to get us out of the house. 2 years ago we had an awesome summer! We hung out with friends where we had 1 Adventure Day and 1 Water Day each week, and we took turns watching each other’s kids every other week. I am hoping to do something similar as this is our last summer in Okinawa and we want to make the most of it.

We are two weeks into Summer and having a blast so far. I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

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