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Tree of Life Belly Cast

A couple of weeks ago I attended Dani Sue's Blessingway. It was a beautiful ceremony celebrating mother and baby. We each gave the mom-to-be a bead with our wish for her and her birth, beautiful poems about motherhood were read by important people in her life, the mom-to-be and her guests received henna, and we did a cord ceremony. It was an honor to attend such a special event. It was even more of an honor when Dani asked me to paint her belly cast.

We talked a little bit about art that she likes and she said Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life is one of her favorite pieces. The perfect image for a belly cast!

Did you do a belly cast when you were expecting? What image would you love to have painted on a belly cast?

You can commission your own belly cast painting from Melinda Grace.

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