Cape Hedo

Cape Hedo


Cape Hedo

Series: Inktober 2019 - Day 4


watercolor and pen on paper


Your original painting will come ready to matte and frame. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery (probably less).  


The inspiration for this piece was a photo I took at Cape Hedo when my in laws visited. We were walking back to the car and I found this little gazebo. I took a little detour and it was totally worth it.

Cape Hedo is the northern most tip of Okinawa. The northern area of Okinawa is so very different than the southern area. 1 million people live in Okinawa and the majority of them live in the south. During WW2 one of the bloodiest battles was fought on Okinawa. Most of the southern part of the island was touched by the war. The northern part of the island was left mostly untouched. There are fern trees that are hundreds of years old, power spots related to the Ryukyu religion, and so many beautiful beaches. It is where the Pacific meets the East China Sea. If you ever visit Okinawa it is worth the drive to visit the top of the island.

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